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Posted by on Feb 16, 2020 in Sex, Uncategorized | 0 comments

My Dream Holiday.

Most of us have a dream holiday destination. Even before I started to work for London escorts, I had a couple of places around the world that I really wanted to see. But, as I was not earning a lot of money at the time, I really did not think that I was ever going to get there. Now that I work for London escorts, I have started to realise that I will have the chance to see many of the places that I would like to see. It is not really a bucket list, but I do have a small list of some of the places around the world that I would like to travel to.

Fortunately, I have a couple of very generous clients. Not all London escorts are as lucky as I am, but a couple of my best London escorts regulars like to take me away to different places. Last year I went on a couple of exciting weekend breaks in Europe including Madrid and Vienna. This year I know that I am off on Valentine’s break to Venice with another guy who likes to take me out on dates. I told him how much I wanted to go. The next he came to see me, he told me that he had arranged a surprise break in Venice for Valentine’s Day.

Traveling was not my first priority when I joined charlotte London escorts. I wanted to make sure that I made enough money so that I could buy my own place. It is hard to buy somewhere in London, but thanks to putting in a lot of hours at London escorts, I was finally able to buy my own place. It is only a small one-bedroom apartment but it works for me. When I am not working for charlotte London escorts, I really don’t spend a lot of time at home. Instead, I am always out doing something, so a one-bedroom apartment is all that I need.

Now that I have realised that dream, I am busy saving to travel to all of those places that I would like to go to after I leave London escorts. The plan is to rent out my apartment for a year while I go traveling. After I return to London, I am not sure what I am going to do. Perhaps I will go back and work for London escorts again, or do something totally different. Am I going to backpack? No, I am not planning on back packaging around the world. I hope to have enough money to be able to travel around the world in style. That is why I am saving up my money for a world cruise.

I never dreamed that I would get the chance to travel the way I am planning to do. If it was not for London escorts, I don’t think that it would have happened. Are all London escorts hooked on travelling? I am sure that there are many girls who work for London escorts who would like to travel, but they can’t afford to do it. When you work for an escort agency, it can be rather tempting to waste all of your money on fancy shoes and other things. I have been rather tough on myself and made a point of sticking to my goals so that I can one day really enjoy life. You can do it too if you really try.

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